Latest: COVID19 - Classes for current pupils continuing with Mrs Butler's Video lessons!

Moylan School of Dance - Classes and Examinations

We welcome pupils of all abilities and our aim is for each child to reach a high standard of achievement whilst also gaining a love of dance and respecting its discipline.

The RAD offers a very well structured syllabus and an excellent training programme which is also fun and challenging.

Pupils are entered for the Academy’s examinations from the age of six. The examinations are not compulsory however the children and students are very keen to have a goal to work to and enjoy the feeling of achievement that examinations bring.

We are happy to say that our results reflect the extra attention paid to the work.

The children are always delighted to receive their medals and certificates, signed by Dame Darcey Bussell

Darcey Bussell


Exam Dates: To Be Arranged